Waterproof Wheeled Case 2317-W

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Brand: BluBox
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Key Features:

  • Maximum Waterproof and Dustproof Capacity: The BluBox Waterproof Large Wheeled Case 231713 offers an expansive interior of 23″ x 17.3″ x 12.9″, making it an ideal solution for securing and transporting large, bulky items like audio equipment, emergency medical supplies, or technical gear, providing top-tier protection against water, dust, and impacts.
  • Effortless Maneuverability with Durable Wheels: Designed for mobility, its exterior dimensions of 26.4″ x 20.0″ x 14.0″, along with robust wheels, allow for smooth transportation of heavy loads across various terrains, from urban environments to rugged outdoor settings.
  • Rugged, Long-Lasting Build: Crafted from high-strength materials, this case is built to withstand challenging conditions, ensuring your valuable equipment remains protected against drops, shocks, and environmental hazards.



  • Unparalleled Protection for Critical Gear: Perfect for professionals in the entertainment, medical, and technical fields who require reliable protection for their essential equipment during travel or in the field.
  • Organized and Accessible Equipment: The customizable foam interior lets you securely organize your tools and devices, ensuring they are protected and readily accessible when needed.
  • Adaptive Storage Solution: Beyond its primary function, this case is also suitable for a range of applications, offering a secure storage solution for sensitive items needing protection from external pressures and environmental factors.
  • BluBox’s Commitment to Excellence: With the BluBox Waterproof Large Wheeled Case 2317-W, experience the brand's highest standards of protection, mobility, and quality, ensuring your investments are safeguarded in all conditions.

Waterproof Wheeled Case 2317-W





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